Thursday, November 20, 2008

Virginity Relinquished... willingly

It has been quoted (by some wise, if not weary, writer ) somewhere that you don't truly know a woman until you've had a letter from her. Let that serve as a disclaimer (ahem... warning?) that you may therefore be exposed to more than you ever desired to know if you partake in these random, sporatic observations and recordings on life from this Kansas girl (?).
At the prompting, nudging and coersion of those I've grown quite fond of, I am, alas, venturing into the relatively anonymous abyss of blogging; making my headspace now open fodder for those who've tired of cleaning the lint from the dryer.
I openly admit I'm a quote-aholic, not even willing to concede that obsession, and have embraced the art of sarcasm and facetiousness. As the product of a mother who writes, a step-father who writes- technically (No. Really He is a Tech Writer) and a father who used his physical attributes to get ahead in this world, I'm a true psychiatrist's dream, for I not only can embrace (on occasion) the superficial, but I can journal about how wrong and shallow it is. Quite eloquently, too. (See, there I go, feeding that less substantive aspect of all that is me.)
Hang around awhile though and you'll learn that, in fact, humility reigns and no lesson is too small. For this toe-dipper, I prepare to plunge... time to test the water.


Spyder said...

First! Yea! Keep writing!

Silverzippo said...

Linda, you are an exceptional writer--this is really funny and eloquent!!

wrytir said...

Strong out of the gate. I expect great things. Keep it up, Linda. We all know you've got it in you. Let 'er rip.