Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometimes The Spirit Moves Me... to write

Sometimes the Spirit Touches Us by James Christensen is one of my favorite pieces of art (that I don't own! Actually, there are many 'favorite' pieces of art that I don't own.) But I was recently (lovingly) chided for my writing being dark~ essentially writing what I know.
It did cause me to reflect on why my writings aren't 'chipper,' if you will, especially with this being the season of goodwill and feeling good and good libations (and feeling good w/good libations is always money well spent!)

I'll admit it. I'm not in the 'spirit of Christmas' this year; and, although this has been a year of challenges, I realize that I'm better off than most. What I'm surmising is that, to me, this recession our country denies it's in has been the real 'gift.' (No, I am not currently enjoying any libations~ ruefully!)
I like the fact that we've had to examine our consumerism and our greed in the attempt at keeping up appearances. How long will you stay below the surface, or how far will you dive, pretending that you're openly sailing. I feel sadness when I voyeuristically (ahem... uh, yes! You know you do it too!) observe others in the 'necessary evil' chain stores tyring to find anything (ANYTHING!) appropriate to give Great Aunt Gertrude who has decided stop in this holiday. Or for Junior who only has the latest edition of PlayStation? And only a 42" screen to play it on?

I'm glad that my kids will be receiving less, and that I have social permission to do less for them. I know Ihave been guilty of this precedent of overcompensating via tangible gifts. It will soften the sting of those expectations, elevated for them in the quest to quell the losses of divorce. They can save face by knowing that 'there's a recession' and everyone has to cut back. (When will they internalize that more doesn't equate to happiness- esp. with a mother who has only recently embraced this?) Many of their friends are in the same proverbial boat. Safety in numbers. (But what of the numbers who forced their way into a budget store on Black Friday? Safety in numbers?)

For those who are openly singing Christmas tunes around the clock, I applaud you. What I'm seeking this year is a joy and appreciation of all that enters my life year round~ because I'm smart enough and evolved enough to embrace it daily. Not because I'm supposed to.

The spirit does move me... every day. And I don't have the latest ride, or seasonably fashionable clothes or cook gourmet meals (every night), but those things don't define me, and they don't touch me at my very core. This year, I will enjoy this season for all that it is, and for me it's the opportunity to spend a little extra time with people I adore~ and whom I don't always tell often enough. And perhaps, just perhaps, if you listen closely, you'll hear me (a little off key) singing 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' . . . and the spirit will move you.


Kristi said...

I am so excitied to catch a glimpse of your life! Blog on sistah!

Linda said...

It's your initial encouragement and our girls' nights that planted the seed. I grew it in my correspondences to all of you while in Illinois. Time to continue the story...

wrytir said...

Not that they ever listen to me, but I adamantly instructed my family to leave me off their Xmas lists, to leave everyone who is not a blood relative under the age of 13 off their Xmas list. I would like to think this is common sense, but my family is full of deaf ears.

I get your point, Linda. I completely agree. And I wish, pray and hope that common sense overcomes the urge to splurge in every house this month - whatever holiday you celebrate.

Keep it goin'! Let's hear more.

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