Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I think I've been worrying too much about my audience to just write. I know we all have an 'audience' we address in our minds when putting pen to paper, but actually having someone really reading these has intimidated me a little.

My goal of starting this blog was to just record my ramblings and those voices in my head, so that I could share them with friends who appear to like this kind of acceptable insanity. So, no guarantees on quality here, or form, or following a single tangent. That wouldn't be me... and if nothing else on this life's journey, I have learned that it is best to simply just be... me.

If you've wandered here by accident, tread lightly; I have big shoulders, but a soft heart often disguised with irony and self-deprecating humor. If you are of the few that actually seek out this blog, then there's little hope for you. :) It's too late. It would be like Michael Jackson seeking to return to his original form. You've already leaped off that bridge... so the least I can do is regale you on your trip to the bottom. And to thank you, for 'getting' me and letting me know that I'm not an island~ Long or not. :)

~and don't be fooled by that bumper sticker; I can't stand to be hated for anything. :)