Friday, January 16, 2009

Addendum... to Venice

One of the great things about aging is that stories are new to us, over and over. Well, at least to me. Just who was Rosebud? Did that Cinderella chick ever live happily ever after?

My memory was refreshed last night when talking to my VSO (Very Significant Other) and he noted that I didn't include anything on my Venice blog regarding one of our first dates, when his car, Leia, drowned. More water...How quickly we forget.

Aside: He has this ... some would say 'unnatural' fixation with Star Wars~ particularly Leia in the gold bikini. See photo that follows. (He has a rich fantasy life, as well.)

It is fitting that that particular vignette is included since that was a defining moment in our newly developing revealings to each other. (No. I'm not going there.) And it takes place on an evening in the River Bottoms; when to say it was a 'torrential downpour' would be just about right. For those of you who are familiar with this part of the city, this is not a place to be in the light of day, much less in the early morning hours, leaving a honky tonk (great band, by the way), driving a Mercedes down unfamiliar streets where you can 'score' pretty much anything. With waters rising... rapidly.

Thus, this connection to 'Venice.'

My VSO had met my spawn for the first time that evening and had assured them he would get me home safely. Wanting to make a good impression and conscious of the time, he thought it best to not wait (like the other schleps) for the train that was making limited progress, at best, across our avenue north toward home. My thought was, "Hey. Opportunity here to make out," but I wasn't yet willing to assert my desires openly. Yet.

So, we traveled East seeking a road North which led us, literally, into (much) deeper waters. We made it down a few blocks with waters rising ever closer to the headlights... the tires... the doors. At which point, we had no other option. We were stopped, stalled, kaput. (Probably, now was not the time to mention that 'make out' idea...) We were being passed by semis (What were they doing out on that road at that hour?!), and the currents they created were pushing us deeper into still rising (tidal!) waters.

As awareness of the seriousness of our situation was settling in (by the water now entering his beloved Leia), my VSO (still) was seeking 'clarity' and contacting AAA. At the moment he was calling for help, a tow truck passed us, turned around... and, longer story a little bit less long, got us home safely. The universe was conspiring in our favor, as a dear friend of mine reminded me.

My role in all this? Well, V thinks I was cool as a cucumber and references my ability to remain calm, to reassure him and to even add levity, but personally I think it was the Captain and Diets I'd consumed prior that allowed me to remain 'the rock' in this circumstance. Perspectives.

Simply, I was with a man I trusted (and was growing 'kinda fond of'), in rising waters and yet we could support each other, laugh, and just reach out to the help awaiting us. (I love that I'm 'getting' these life lessons more quickly now!)

Unfortunately, Leia didn't make it, but it seems a realtively small sacrifice (to me, naturally; Hey! He had insurance! I'm not heartless. ) to be provided with that glimpse of the bigger picture, to gain that insight into one another and to count one's blessings, even in a situation like this~ especially in a situation like this. A Blessid Union of Souls? We're getting there...

Next time, though, he'd better stop to kiss me...


Spyder said...

Definitely a memorable date!